Flight Physicals

Salt Lake City, Utah

FAA Class
1, 2, 3


Must do FAA Med Express.

Includes vision testing, physical exam, and urinalysis.



Required for ATC applicants and Class 1 certificates at age of 35 and then annually after 40 years old.

ATC, SODA, or Special Issuance

Price Varies

Price varies based on case complexity. Schedule an appointment below or contact us for more information.
Step 1 - Schedule an Exam
Step 2 - FAA Med Express Questionnaire
If you have a complicated medical history, please wait for contact from us before completing your FAA Med Express Questionnaire.
We may be able to provide guidance to expedite your certification before the clock starts ticking.
FAA MedXpress
Step 3 - The Day of your Appointment
Your appointment will be at our 9th & 9th Clinic located at 868 McClelland St, Salt Lake City, Utah unless otherwise directed.

What to bring:  FAA Med Express confirmation number, corrective lenses if needed and a full bladder to provide a urine sample.
If you anticipate needing an EKG, we recommend you wear loose fitting clothing or a sports bra.


Do you guarantee to keep me flying?


Unfortunately, there are no guarantees in this game. The approval authorities such as the FAA or DoD make the final decision regarding aircrew fitness for flight. However, we always aim to keep the skies safe, give our clients unbiased consultation, and advocate on your behalf to keep you flying!

What does your service charge?


All medical certificates cost $150. Insurance does not typically cover FAA exams. You can use a Health Savings Account if you have an HSA debit card. Special Issuances, SODAs, and CACI conditions may carry an additional cost. Standard pricing seen above.

Who are your main clients?


We help pilots, air traffic controllers, and other aircrew who are affiliated with both the military and civilian organizations. We also provide services for aviation hobbyists and other aviation organizations. As a HIMS AME, we specialize in mental health (ADHD/ADD, Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, gender dysphoria and adjustment reactions) and substance abuse conditions (alcohol, substance use disorders, DUI's/DWI's, and other drug related incidents)

What exact services do you provide?


We provide both in-person and remote aeroemdical consulting to help you navigate the complex world of aviation medical standards for both military and civilian pilots and aircrew.

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