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ADHD Fast Track Pathway
In Aug 2023, in an effort to expedite medical certification, the FAA created a new Fast Track process for pilots with a distant history of ADHD. This new pathway allows the pilot or pilot applicant to avoid FAA deferral and get their medical certificate on day of the exam. But it is critical that airmen work with their AME's PRIOR TO their appointment if they want to take advantage of the new fast track.
February 12, 2024
Do Pilots Have Perfect Vision?
I've heard many non-pilots complain that they had a distant dream to fly as a child, but their non-perfect vision prevented them from being able to do so. But is this really true?
March 5, 2023
FAA Corner: When do I need an EKG?
Do you know when an EKG is required for a commercial pilot? Read more to find out!
November 5, 2022
How to Find a Good Aviation Medical Examiner (AME)
An Aviation Medical Examiner (AME) is a doctor with specialized training in aerospace medicine and designated by the FAA to issue medical certificates. It is critical that every pilot and ATC choose a trustworthy and knowledgable AME. But how does one find a solid AME?
November 22, 2021
A day in the life of a U2 Spy Plane Flight Doc
This guest post authored by former U2 flight surgeon, Dr Alec FEEL Good, describes an epic flight surgeon assignment culminating with a once-in-a-lifetime sortie in this iconic cold war spy plane.
October 1, 2021
What is a CACI Condition?
CACI conditions stand for medical conditions that are Conditions an AME Can Issue, which means they are medical problems that AME's can issue a certificate without FAA intervention. These conditions tend to have a high prevalence, are somewhat progressive in nature and are considered low risk for sudden incapacitation
August 13, 2021
Serving in Residency
This guest post by Lt Col Robert SOJU Ryu discusses his experiences serving in the ANG flying F-16's as a flight surgeon while doubling as an orthopedic surgery resident during his normal day job!
July 30, 2021
Building a USAF Flight Surgeon: A New Approach to Training
The USAF has decided to fully recreate the way a flight surgeon is made. Read this guest post from "The AMP Daddy", Lt Col Bryant 'THUNDA' Martin on how this new training regiment will unfold.
March 5, 2021
Want to work for Elon Musk?
Check out this cutting edge job post - Space X is looking for a new flight surgeon to join the team!
February 9, 2021
FAA & USAF Guidance for COVID-19 Vaccines
As a pilot or ATCS, you are affected by guidance that does not necessarily affect the general population. Read more in this post to learn about the latest policy from the FAA and USAF regarding COVID-19 and the new mRNA vaccine.
January 26, 2021