VA DBQ Exams & Aeromedical Consulting

Salt Lake City, Utah

VA DBQ Exams & Consulting

Price Varies

Upon separation from Active Duty, military personnel file for disability benefits with the Office of Veterans Affairs. As a military member or vet you may qualify for larger benefits than you currently receive.

If aircrew, it is critical you understand the impact VA medical conditions may have on your FAA medical certification.

Aeromedical Consulting

Price Varies

As a Senior HIMS AME with over a decade of experience, we offer unusual expertise with complex medical conditions as well as mental health disorders & substance abuse conditions managed by the HIMS program.

We also provide consultation to DoD military aviators on a case-by-case basis.

Medical Expert Legal Testimony

Price Varies

In addition to consulting for pilots and aircrew, our experts also have experience providing medical testimony for complicated aviation legal cases involving FAA or DoD regulations and policy.

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Step 1 - Schedule an Appointment
Step 2 - DBQ Exams
If scheduling a Disability Benefits Questionnaire (DBQ) exam, you will show up to the 9th & 9th Clinic on the day of scheduled exam with the appropriate DBQ paperwork provided to you by a third party. You will undergo an exam with a qualified physician and your DBQ paperwork will be returned to the third party advocating on your behalf.
Step 3 - Aeromedical Consultation or Medical Expert Services
If scheduling a consultation to discuss VA benefits, other complex medical conditions or Medical Expert Legal services, we can meet in-person or remotely depending on your preference and location. At this meeting, you will spend 30-60 minutes with an expert in these fields. We will likely contact you before the meeting to clarify your exact goals for this consultation so that the time spent can provide you with maximum value.
9th & 9th Clinic
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Do you guarantee to increase my VA claim?


Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee an increase in your VA rating.  

What does your service charge?


Pricing for our services varies based upon the complexity of your medical history and number of specialty consultants you may need to use see.

What do you charge for medical expert legal services?


Attorneys looking for a medical expert in aviation medicine should schedule a telephone consult or send us an email. We will be able to provide you more info and a fee schedule for services after better understanding exactly what you are looking for.

What exact services do you provide?


In addition to providing medical exams for FAA certificates and HIMS consulting, we provide VA DBQ exams, consulting in the areas of VA disability claims and FAA medical standards and also medical expert consultation and testimony in complex legal cases involving aviation or aerospace medicine .