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Top Gun
Medical Care

The Department of Defense treats their fighter pilots like invaluable elite athletes. Each squadron has their own flight surgeon who provides specialized medical care to the entire team and their families.

Go Flight Medicine aims to bring this level of concierge medical care to civilian pilots, air traffic controllers & professional drivers.

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FAA Class 1, 2, 3
Medical Certificate

We offer 1st Class (Airline Transport Pilots), 2nd Class (Commercial Pilots) and 3rd Class (Private Pilot) Medical Certificates.

We also provide ATCS exams for both applicants and trained Air Traffic Controllers employed or contracted by the FAA.

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HIMS AME Services

The Human Intervention & Motivational Study (HIMS) Program began as an effort by the FAA to help pilots struggling with substance abuse disorders. It has since expanded to include a variety of mental health conditions.

HIMS is a cooperative industry-wide effort in which managers, pilots, healthcare professionals, and the FAA work together to preserve careers and enhance air safety.

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DOT Exams

A DOT Medical Exam is required to obtain a Commercial Drivers License (CDL). These exams are valid for up to 24 months.

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Occupational Medicine delivered with Laser-Guided Precision.
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ADHD Fast Track Pathway
February 12, 2024
In Aug 2023, in an effort to expedite medical certification, the FAA created a new Fast Track process for pilots with a distant history of ADHD. This new pathway allows the pilot or pilot applicant to avoid FAA deferral and get their medical certificate on day of the exam. But it is critical that airmen work with their AME's PRIOR TO their appointment if they want to take advantage of the new fast track.
Do Pilots Have Perfect Vision?
March 5, 2023
I've heard many non-pilots complain that they had a distant dream to fly as a child, but their non-perfect vision prevented them from being able to do so. But is this really true?
FAA Corner: When do I need an EKG?
November 5, 2022
Do you know when an EKG is required for a commercial pilot? Read more to find out!