New Anxiety, Depression FAST TRACK Pathway for Deferred Cases

June 26, 2024
Rocky Jedick MD MBA

Today new guidance was published to the AME Guide that modifies and adds to some of the recent policy changes that were pushed out on 29 May a month ago.

Fast Track for Anxiety & Depression


This completely new pathway is meant to address many of the applicants and pilots currently deferred (and waiting in a long line pending FAA review) for mental health conditions such as anxiety, depression, PTSD and a number of other conditions.

Here you can find the new FAST TRACK Depression/Anxiety Worksheet

Here you can find the new Anxiety, Depression, Related Conditions Disposition Table

Essentially, if you were deferred for mental health conditions and meet the below criteria, your AME may be able to push to get you certified much sooner than originally expected:

1.) Two or less of the listed mental health conditions.

2.) Symptoms or treatment of condition(s) was more than 2 years ago

3.) Answers are 'No' to all questions on the FAST TRACK Depression/Anxiety Worksheet (medical records will be reviewed and must corroborate these responses)

NOTE: This policy change does not apply to those with ADHD.

NOTE: This policy does not apply to anyone with a history of 'Major Depressive Disorder (MDD)'


If you are currently deferred for mental health concerns, take a look at the above worksheet. If you believe after thorough review you meet all requirements, you should work with your AME to try to get your case 'Fast Tracked'.

This is brand new so there will almost certainly be a number of questions and various levels of comfort depending on your AME. I recommend finding an experienced HIMS AME that is willing to review your case with you.

My interpretation here is that you can approach this in two ways:

1. See your AME on record and have them complete this worksheet on your behalf and upload it to your most recent FAA exam via AMCS (Med Express).

2. Find a solid HIMS AME comfortable with this new process and schedule a new FAA exam with them***

***This second option can only be done if it's been > 90 days from your last Med Express application. This will essentially create a new AME of record for you who can then apply the new Fast Track Worksheet. If you can provide all of your medical records to the AME prior to the exam and they agree you meet all criteria, in some cases it may even be possible they can get you a verbal authorization by calling the FAA directly. In that case, you could potentially even walk out of the exam with certificate in hand. This is the approach I will soon be trying with a number of my deferred patients! Wish me (but mostly them) luck!

Volanti Subvenimus!!

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