Want to work for Elon Musk?

February 9, 2021

Elon & his baby

As Space X continues to expand into human space exploration so does their need for experts in space medicine & physiology.

Become Space X's next Flight Surgeon

Anil Menon has been the lone flight surgeon employed by Space X since 2018. He has been intimately involved with the creation and design of Space X's Dragon capsule.  He now serves as their medical director and it seems their medical team is expanding. If being a flight doc for this cutting edge private space company sounds cool to you, apply now here!

Become Space X's next Medical Intern

Maybe you're not quite a doctor yet. Maybe you're a current or aspiring medical student. If this is you and you have a thirst for the exciting world of flight or space medicine, then Elon thought of you as well. Let Space X groom you to be their future Martian medical director. It appears they are opening up options for both current and aspiring medical students. Apply today!(Maybe you'll even get paid in Bitcoin!)

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