What is a CACI Condition?

August 13, 2021

CACI or Khaki?

Pilots and other aircrew must maintain strict medical standards to be considered fit & healthy to fly airplanes & passengers. Check out this previous post for a full history and explanation on Aeromedical Standards.The FAA has created a useful way for individual Aviation Medical Examiners (AME) to issue a medical certificate when a pilot applicant has a common medical condition that is unlikely to lead to sudden incapacitation.The acronym CACI is used to describe these conditions. See the FAA page on CACI conditions HERE.




What does CACI even mean?

CACI = Conditions an AME Can IssueThis means the airman gets their medical certificate the day of their exam without any FAA input! These conditions share some key characteristics.

  • Low risk for sudden incapacitation
  • Progressive in nature
  • Can lead to more serious health conditions if left untreated
  • High prevalence in the general population


Class 1 Med Certificate APPROVED!

Currently the FAA lists 19 CACI conditions, but this is always subject to change. Each condition has a separate page in the AME guide as well as an accompanying worksheet describing the criteria needed for the AME to issue a medical certificate without FAA input.So basically, for an AME to issue a medical certificate on day of exam:

  1. Airman must be otherwise qualified (aside from CACI condition)
  2. Meets all criteria on condition's CACI Worksheet

If the above conditions are not met, the AME must defer to the FAA for certification.


Arthritis (PDF)

Hepatitis C - ChronicAsthmaHypertensionBladder CancerHypothyroidismBreast Cancer (PDF)

Migraine and Chronic HeadacheC-ITP (Chronic Immune Thrombocytopenia)(PDF)

Mitral Valve Repair (PDF)

Chronic Kidney DiseasePre-DiabetesColitisProstate CancerColon CancerRenal CancerGlaucomaRetained Kidney Stone(s)(PDF)

Testicular Cancer

  • To the AME's out there: Know your CACI conditions and always check the AME guide for any new updates!
  • To all the Aimen with these medical conditions: Best of luck getting CACI qualified on your medical certificate!

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