DOT Exams

Salt Lake City, Utah

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DOT Physical Exam


Includes vision testing, physical exam, and urinalysis.
Take control of your health and be treated like an elite fighter pilot!
Step 1 - Schedule an Exam
Step 2 - Complete MCSA-5875
Complete and print section 1 (Driver Information) of the Medical Examination Report Form (MCSA - 5875).
MCSA-5875 Form
Step 3 - The Day of your Appointment
Your appointment will be at our clinic on 9th & 9th Clinic located at 868 McClelland St, Salt Lake City, Utah.

Please bring completed Medical Examination Report Form (MCSA - 5875), corrective lenses/contact case, and full bladder to provide urine sample.
9th & 9th Clinic
868 McClelland St
Salt Lake City, Utah 84102
Sugarhouse Clinic
1262 E Logan Ave S
Salt Lake City, Utah 84105
9AM - 4PM, Mon to Fri
8AM - 12PM, Sat

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Do you guarantee to keep me driving?


Unfortunately, we can not guarantee approval. However, we always aim to keep the roads safe, give our clients unbiased consultation, and advocate on your behalf to keep you on the road!

What does your service charge?


We charge $75 for a DOT medical exam. In some cases, we have been identified as a preferred provider for a particular organization. We offer special pricing to employees and members of these specific organizations.

Who are your main clients?


Any driver that requires a Commerical Drivers License (CDL) to do their job requires a medical certificate performed by a certified DOT medical examiner. This typically includes truck drivers, bus drivers, chauffeurs and those operating vehicles over a certain size.

What exact services do you provide?


We provide DOT medical exams so that you can attain your commercial drivers license.